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Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike introduces three new maps. These also feature conquest mode with the conquest assault lines set-up, in which the attacking army now has to conquer all control points before taking the enemy's main base. Epic Titan mode is also available on two maps, and for the first time in an urban setting, for more intense Titan gameplay.

Bridge at RemagenAs the EU forces advanced through Europe, the Frozen Rhine - an almost impassable barrier of icebergs and crevasses - became an important line of defense once again. On March the 7th 2145, 200 years to the day since the U.S. 9th Armored Division crossed the Remagen bridge in World War II, the EU is launching a bold attack across the Rhine in the hope of establishing a foothold on its eastern shores.

Playable in Titan and Conquest: Assault Lines modes, this map features skyscrapers, a highway, monorail stations and the frozen river with the bridge stretching across it. Both teams have access to their new vehicles and to battlewalkers. In the 64 player setup, both teams also have APCs and the EU has air transport vehicles for airborne attacks. In Titan mode, you have access to all vehicles except for tanks and the A-3 Goliath.


Port BavariaThe Port Bavaria Titan supply base, high up in the Alps, was once a vital stronghold for the EU forces. However, as the war between the PAC and the EU progressed, the European nations has to retreat from the area, leaving the base open for PAC use. Now the EU is determined to take back control of this vital link in the PAC Titan supply chain.

Playable in Titan and Conquest: Assault Lines modes, this map features a snow covered plain leading up to a vertical cliff face. EU soldiers must pod launch themselves up this cliff to the docking stations before the firefight can begin. The warehouses in the center are surrounded by protective bunker towers. Each side has access to its new vehicles and to battlewalkers. The EU also has APCs. In Titan mode, air transports and air attack vehicles are also available to both sides.


Liberation of LeipzigIn the late summer of 2145, EU forces have reclaimed most of western Europe and the heartlands of old east Germany and the state of Saxony lie before them. As the arctic winter draws closer, they stage a night assault on the city of Leipzig, the last stronghold of the PAC forces in Europe.

Playable in Conquest: Assault Lines mode, this map features a crashed Titan in the city park (grounded during an earlier assault), PAC offensive bases and and easily defended canal splitting the city in two. The EU forces have positioned static pod launchers near the canal to aid their infantry assaults.

Both teams have access to their new vehicles and to battlewalkers and the EU can use FAVs in 64 player mode.

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