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The PAC has opted for a light, hovering attack vehicle, created for lightning strikes against enemy vehicles and troops. This speed comes at a cost: The Hachimoto's armor can only withstand small arms or machinegun fire, and both pilot and passenger are exposed.

Although the driver has limited weaponry, in the gunner position you have a powerful, fast-firing 360° rotational grenade launcher and a remotely guided anti-vehicle missile.

A3 Goliath
The EU has created a mobile fortress that can carry several passengers and neutralize infantry resistance in urban areas with deadly efficiency. It's slow moving but the Goliath can withstand everything except anti-vehicle attacks from the enemy, thanks to its regenerating armor.

When you're in the vehicle you are totally safe from enemy gunfire. As driver, you have a scatter-cannon for short-range use against soldiers and a high-technology anti-vehicle projectile launcher, which homes in on targets with a magnetic signature. There are also two grenadier positions and two 360° machine gun posts.

You can also use the Goliath as a mobile spawnpoint and it heals and rearms nearby friendly forces within its supply radius.

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