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Here is a full listing of the current pins in Battlefield 2142 as well as the requirements needed to receive them.

IASR = In A Single Round

Combat Efficiency PinDistinguished Combat Efficiency PinProblem Solver Pin
Combat Efficiency Pin

· IASR: 5 Kill Streak

Distinguished Combat Efficiency Pin

· IASR: 10 Kill Streak

Problem Solver Pin

· IASR: 4 Titan Consoles Destroyed

Titan Destructor PinTroop Transporter PinTitan Defender Pin
Titan Destructor Pin

· IASR: 4 Titan Guns Destroyed

Troop Transporter Pin

· IASR: 10 Titan Air Drops

Titan Defender Pin

· IASR: 7 Titan Defend Score

Infiltrator PinWheels of Hazard PinCollectors Pin
Infiltrator Pin

· IASR: 5 Headshots with Sniper Rifle

Wheels of Hazard Pin

· IASR: 5 Road Kills

Collectors Pin

· IASR: 8 Dog Tags

Explosive Efficiency PinEmergency Rescue PinTumbler Pin
Explosive Efficiency Pin

· IASR: 8 Kills with Explosives

Emergency Rescue Pin

· IASR: 8 Revives

Tumbler Pin

· IASR: Surviving the Titan Assault

Firearm Efficiency PinClear skies PinClose Combat Pin
Firearm Efficiency Pin

· IASR: 4 Kills with Handgun

Clear skies Pin

· IASR: 10 Kills with Air Defense

Close Combat Pin
• IASR: 10 Kills with Shotgun

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