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Here is a full listing of the current unlocks for each class, squad leader, and player abilities in Battlefield 2142. The unlocks are featured in a tree system where you must have the previous unlock to gain the next highest unlock. Starting from the bottom, where your first and basic unlocks are located, follow the arrows up the tree to see what unlocks you will have available each time you get a promotion.

Click on the unlock image to learn more information about that unlock.

* Unlocks with an asterick next to them imply that the unlock does not take up any of the two customization slots that each kit includes. These kit specific unlocks will always be applied to your character as long as you are playing as that specific class.


Zeller-H Advanced Sniper Rifle:

Gruber 5 Stabilizer:

*DysTek Hi-Scope x4:

Anti-Personnel Mine:
Lambert Carbine:

IT-33 Optical Camouflage:

*NetBat Fade Delay:

RDX DemoPak:



Baur H-AR:

PK-74 AR-Rocket:

*NetBat Infantry ID:

Herzog AR-Shotgun:
Voss L-AR:

SG-34 Grenade:

*Advanced Med Hub:

AED-6 Defibrillator:



Koenig H-AVR:


*NetBat Vehicle ID:

AE Defuser:
SAAW 86 Anti-Air:

IL-29 Motion Mine:

*DysTek Repair V2.0:

IL-14 EMP:



Ganz H-MG:

A-12 Enforcer Sentry Gun:

*NetBat Active Camo ID:

V5 EMP Grenade:
Clark 15-B Shotgun:

DysTek Pulse Meter:

*Advanced Ammo Hub:

IPS Shield:


Squad Leader

SD-8 Accipiter:

RD-4 Otus:



Player Abilities

Extra Grenade:


Staminar 9
Recovery System:

Sprintcor 20
Enhanced Endurance:

FRG-1 Grenade:

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