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European Theater
By early 2138, the world's six factions were heavily fortified, ready to battle over the world's remaining land and resources. Expecting an invasion by the PAC into the agriculture-rich plains of Northern Africa, the European Federation concentrated its resources along the Mediterranean, ready to assist the Union of African States. A foray by two PAC battalions into Egypt seemed to confirm their suspicions, but the attacks were merely decoys, meant to distract the world from the PAC's primary objective, to destroy the military might of the EU's premiere units still located in Europe.

BelgradeGame Mode: Conquest
Description: In February 2140, the PACs X and II Command Divisions swept through Serbia and trapped the EU 9th Armored Corps in the heart of Belgrade. A massive ice wall blocking its retreat, the EU force, inspired by General Emil Nikoli?, staged a tenacious resistance. In March, the PACs Northern Command Group arrived through recently annexed Bulgaria. Led by a swift, V-shaped formation of T-39 Bogatyr battle walkers, the bolstered PAC forces burst through the EUs eastern flank and forced their surrender. With control of Eastern Europe, the PAC turned its sights to the EUs central command in Berlin.



Cerbere LandingGame Mode: Conquest
Description: By 2142, Cerbere Landing was the last EU stronghold on the European continent. The port served as the chief defensive hub for the EUs Northern Mediterranean operations. Tasked with seizing the harbor, PAC General Yuri Vladomirovic used commando units equipped with the new IT-33 Optical Camouflage to infiltrate the city. Once inside they sabotaged the defenses, allowing the General to land his forces in the main harbor. There they faced the Hell Brigade, the EUs premiere infantry unit, assigned to defend the city. The ensuing violence would establish Cerbere Landing as the most fierce and costly battle of the Cold War.



Fall of BerlinGame Mode: Conquest
Description: On July 10th, 2140, as part of Operation Thunder, fifteen squadrons of PAC gunships wrested control of the skies above eastern Germany. The victory allowed PAC Titans to airdrop entire regiments of the Northern Command Group behind the EUs Brandenburg Line. Surrounded, the EU Expeditionary Force quickly capitulated. The path to Berlin was cleared. On August 15th, the PAC waged an all-out offensive on the city. After two months of intense fighting, Berlin fell. The remaining EU forces retreated to France where they would make a last stand before evacuating to Africa.



MinskGame Mode: Conquest/Titan
Conquest Description: The Cold War began in October 2139 with coordinated PAC invasions from the Persian Gulf to the Baltic Sea. In November, as part of Operation Canute, three battalions led by General Arkadi Petrov entered Minsk, a key EU command center in Northern Europe. The EU's Krieg Panzer 2nd Regiment fiercely defended the city for over four months until the PAC's elite Central Command Group broke through their southern flank, forcing them to withdraw. The Battle of Minsk featured the first frontline use of the militarized Titan, forever altering the character of modern warfare.

Titan Description: The Battle of Minsk featured the first employment of the militarized Titan in combat operations, changing the nature of modern warfare forever. Because of the Titans unmatched effectiveness as both a transport and assault medium, its destruction became a crucial component of military strategy. At Minsk alone, six full-scale Titans were destroyed within the first week of combat.



VerdunGame Mode: Conquest/Titan
Conquest Description: By the end of 2140, the PAC occupied much of Europe but had yet to gain control of the Mediterranean. Northern France represented a key strategic passage, but it was a narrow one, given the wall of ice that had advanced all the way to the 49th parallel. The PAC sped into Lorraine to find a small but resilient EU company holding a section of the Maginot Wall in Verdun. The T-8 Tiger main battle tank more than held its own against the newer Type 21 Nekomata hover tank, allowing the EU to hold the position for almost a month.

Titan Description: Despite being significantly outnumbered, the EU forces at Verdun were able to severely deplete the invading PAC divisions. This effort was due in large part to the EUs ability to infiltrate and destroy PAC Titans before they could distribute troops and supplies to the front lines. Soon, the PAC matched these efforts, inflicting similar damage to their EU Titan counterparts.



African Theater
Following the defeat of the EU army in Europe, the stage was set for the PAC military to force its way into the EU-occupied African mainland. In February 2142, the EU formed The Mediterranean Wall, a line of defenses along the North African coast from Morocco to Egypt. Meanwhile, the PAC was drawing up a series of deception plans under the codenames Kupalo, Dazhbog and Perun. These exercises were designed to preoccupy and divide the EU forces in preparation for the PACs primary mission, Operation Motherland, a comprehensive, multi-pronged assault on the African continent.

Camp GibraltarGame Mode: Conquest
Description: The attack on Camp Gibraltar was the first deception attack used by the PAC to draw EU forces out of position. Although not of military significance, the site was an important staging point for refugees from the western Mediterranean territories. On April 10th 2142, the PACs AA Command Division attacked the camp. The EUs 4th and 5th Armored Battalions were tasked with defending Camp Gibraltar. The PAC troops fought vigorously but conservatively. The EU commander relied on sniper tactics to hold key positions in an attempt to occupy the PAC forces as long as possible.



Shuhia TaibaGame Mode: Conquest/Titan
Conquest Description: By the end of 2142, freezing temperatures, mass migration and warfare had rendered most of the PAC occupied territories uninhabitable. Desperate to sustain its dwindling population, the PAC changed its military focus to capturing key energy, food and water supplies. Shuhia Tabia, a large-scale, EU agricultural project located in northern Egypt, was one of the PACs primary targets. On November 11th, a fleet of Titans carrying six PAC Command Divisions flew into the skies above Shuhia Tabia. They were immediately greeted by the EUs 2nd Army. The resulting battle raged for more than a year.

Titan Description: When the EU and PAC clashed at Shuhia Taiba, both sides utilized more than twenty Titans between them. By the end of fighting a year later, only two remained. Continuous assaults rendered half of the capabilities useless by the first month. Years later, covered in metal carnage, Shuhia Taiba would be referred to as the Titan Graveyard.



Sidi Power PlantGame Mode: Conquest/Titan
Conquest Description: In January 2143, the PAC tried to appropriate another key resource target in Egypt, the Sidi Power Plant. The recently constructed facility provided more than 40% of the EU populations energy. Each coalition depleted of manpower and equipment, the battle began primarily as a ground war. The EUs 3rd and 4th Infantry Divisions established three lines of defense, fighting off wave after wave of incursions by PAC Special Forces. In March, armored and airborne divisions arrived for both sides. Within weeks, the fight intensified to become one of the largest and most fervent of the entire war.

Titan Description: At first, the PAC utilized its depleted Titan fleet conservatively in its attack on the Sidi Power Station. Similarly, the EU relegated its armada to primarily non-battle zone transportation duties. Soon, however, the ground war intensified. More air support and delivery was required. Within a month, the skies were again filled with Titans.



Suez CanalGame Mode: Conquest/Titan
Conquest Description: As the PAC launched diversionary strikes from Italy into North Africa, it secretly gathered forces in the Sinai Peninsula to prepare for a full-scale assault on the continent. On May 1st, four PAC Command Divisions flew into Libya to engage the EUs 6th Army Group. This left the 5th Corps at the Suez Canal without support when the Southern Command Group, led by General Muunokhoi, raced into Egypt. The EU forces staved off Min-shiks army until help finally arrived via the 10th Airborne Division. Had the PAC seized the Suez Canal, it would have severely compromised the EUs ability to defend Africa.

Titan Description: To attack the EUs Suez Canal position, the PAC relied on a Titan squadron to transport assets into the field of battle. Similarly, the EU employed their own Titan fleet to transfer divisions from other posts in northern Africa. While conflict raged on the ground, a secondary battle ensued in the skies as both sides attempted to thwart the airborne delivery of reinforcements.



Tunis HarborGame Mode: Conquest
Description: In an attempt to stop the flow of EU reinforcements to the Suez Canal, the PAC launched a series of raids against key transportation hubs. The most vital of these targets was Tunis Harbor. Fog in the Strait of Sicily, allowed the PAC to land its 8th Command Regiment almost on top of the harbor defenses. This strategy enabled them to pin the EU forces in the harbor with the Mediterranean at their backs. The Valkyrie Brigade formed the backbone of the EUs defense with their company of L-5 Reisig Battlewalkers.


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