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Here is a full listing of the current weapons for the European Union, the Pan Asian Coalition, and the unlocks in Battlefield 2142.

Click on the weapon image to learn more information about that weapon.

European Union

BJ-2 Combat Knife

P33 Pereira Pistol

Turcotte Rapid SMG

Morretti SR4 Sniper Rifle


Bianchi FA-6 LMG

Mitchell AV-18 Heavy Anti-Tank
Pan Asian Coalition

BJ-2 Combat Knife

Takao T20 Pistol

Malkov RK-11 SMG

Park 52 Sniper Rifle

Krylov FA-37 AR

Shuko K-80 LMG

Sudnik VP


Lambert Carbine

Zeller-H Advanced Sniper Rifle

Baur H-AR

Voss L-AR

Clark 15B Shotgun

Ganz HMG

Koenig H-AVR

Mitchell SAAW 86

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