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Author Topic: Punkbuster error "Unknown windows api function (131133)  (Read 1941 times)
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« on: 24. November. 2007, 09:31:21 pm »

Oduzelo mi godinu zivota (citaj :jedno deset puta antivirus cekiranje od NOD32 do nekih japanskih i nista ,deinstalacija STeam-a i igre pa jedno 15 puta surfanje i trazenje po netu jedno 3 sata i napokon nadjem rjesenje)dok sam skuzio koji je qrac PB i zasto me non stop baca sa servera .Novi update PB donosi razne probleme sa igrama ali posto su sve greske kodirane uspio sam naci samo neke.......

a quote from PB staff member Stuart:

These API checks will be rolling out to all PB games, and like the Insuffecient OS Privs, will be subject to reoccuring lapses as trojans/virii/spyware make their rounds.

API Kick 131124:

Known cause: BF2Amp
Solution: Don't use it

Known cause: PowerStrip
Solution: Get the latest version. Old versions of PS cause this kick.

API Kick 131126:

Known cause: Researching - Contact Evenbalance Support for troubleshooting -
Solution: Unknown

API Kick 131127:

Known cause: Researching - Contact Evenbalance Support for troubleshooting -
Solution: Unknown

API Kick 131129:

Known cause: Trojan.Horse.BackDoor.Agent.BA
Solution: ID and remove it using AVG or other AV program (AVG recommend, currently only AV detecting this 11/28/05)

In NOTEPAD write this:

@echo off SET FILE=sqll echo y | cacls c:\windows\system32\*FILE*.dll /g Everyone:f attrib -r -s -h C:\Windows\system32\*FILE*.dll ren C:\Windows\system32\*FILE*.dll *FILE*.old del C:\Windows\system32\*FILE*.old

Than change the *FILE* to the filename infected and save this as REMOVE.BAT file. Run it in normal mode and the trojan BackDoor.Agent.BA is OUT.

Now, the hard part appears to be finding the name of the dll. The dll is write protected, and is unable to be deleted normally. Try the free version of AGV to tag the DLL.

Known cause: Proxy.L Trojan
Solution: Remove with AV or Trojan remover

Known cause: Trojan horse Downloader.Agent.AL
Solution: Remove with AV or Trojan remover

Known cause: Trojan horse PSW.Delf.2.A
Solution: Remove with AV or Trojan remover

API Kick 131133:

Known cause: Ventrillo Voice Overlay - Possibly other overlay programs. (ATI tool tray from Omega Drivers suspect)
Solution: Disable overlay program

Known cause: DxTweaker
Solution: Disable DxTweaker program

Known cause: Older TSO - Causes a "Missing/Corrupted API" kick
Solution: Update TSO to latest build

API Kick 131135: - disabled as of 12/01/05

Known cause: Tiny Firewall
Solution: Uninstall it for a quick fix. Looking for options to disable API hooking and keep it installed.

Known cause: Kaspersky
Solution: possible options

Known cause: Ad-Aware
Solution: appears to load files on boot or run that stay active. Reboot and do not enable to play.

API Kick 131136:

Known cause: Running BF2 in compatability mode
Solution: Disable compatabilty mode, do not run other programs in compatability mode at the same time.

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« Reply #1 on: 25. November. 2007, 06:15:41 am »

eo ti plus i jebo steam i ta sranja Smiley
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