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Nedjelja, 11.02.2007.

This case is now handled by the C&A department and the player will be banned ASAP!

            [CB]DevilOnLine (BF2(142) GameSupervisor)



Van: RipperCro []
Verzonden: donderdag 8 februari 2007 2:12
Onderwerp: match last night


We have match last night with one Polish clan, at the start of match we see this typed with green color
"PL4FC-Dakon loaded wallhack&aimbot"
I need your opinion, because man have played both maps, in first two maps ( on their server ) he was very good, but when we change servers he was much weaker.
We need you explanation of this case, as soon as posible.
I hope is some bullShit from PB, we realy like matches on CB but if this is realy aimbot we gonna leave CB, because is pointles to fight against bots, hacks and other shit.
I have attached screenshot of message.

RipperCro, clan leader =XII=


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