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BF2142 Patch 1.05
Subota, 04.11.2006.





















Prenešeno sa službenih stranica:

"...we would like to announce patch 1.05 for Battlefield 2142. The patch includes more than 25 fixes which will improve every player's experience on the Battlefield. The following fixes will be included, along with many others:
    * Titan will no longer be able to move once its shields are down, so that lag within the titan should be significantly reduced and being revived inside the titan shouldn't be a problem any more
    * Changes in EA master server communication to greatly reduce disconnects
    * Players are now able to receive the Titan Survival Pin
    * All players will see the same missile silo location numbers in Titan Mode
Patch 1.05 is scheduled for release later in November so keep watching this space for detailed release information..."

Eto, na svima nama je samo da se još malo strpimo... Pozdrav!



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