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=XII= vs. SOE.
Četvrtak, 18.01.2007.

Odigrano: 17.01.2007 u 21:30.





















NIce game... Soe had the upper hand on first map, they were better with vehicles. XII changed everything with a comeback on Cerbere. SOE was on the defensive side in first round, they managed to take out first wave of vehicles and XII was then in a bad situation, lost on first map and desperatly needed quick and heavy win. Since cars were destroyed XII switched to inf attacks and managed to take the closest flag since much of SOE guys were defending Road block and comm center. In heavy arm to arm fighting XII suceeded in taking comm center and then easily took road block for a massive 160-something win. The score at that time was 5 points for XII. Fourth round began, SOE didn`t rush to send their cars in a push instead they sent in inf backed up with cars to try and capture 1st flag. XII pushed them back but 1 car managed to slip by the central road with the squad leader and not long after that entire squad spawned on him and they easily took the roadblock. After that XII focused their attention on defending comm center and left only one man to defend first flag, but for some reason SOE didnt attack it at all to put the bleed on XII. AFter some intense fightings SOE took comm center and 1st flag and XII was left with a road block to try and hold on for several more minutes to secure their win. If the SOE guys would manage to zero us, they `d win BUT.... XII fought like hell and several times had their last flag grayed but managed to pull it up. Last time road block was grayed it looked like XII will loose the game but 2nd squad managed to take the first flag and secure the victory for XII
GG to both teams!!


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