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=XII= vs. TV2
Utorak, 23.01.2007.

Imamo ih!






















GG to tv2

XII lineup:
Saint & Destructo (who played first round)

tv2 lineup:
mjood (i think sorry if i`m wrong)

First map was Cebere and XII started out as PAC. We went for a all out push from the west side but were fiercly thrown back by Krympar who was defending that side. Tv2 used all sorts of cover very eficiently and i seemed at that time that we were going against a much stronger opponent than ourselves. XII`s attacks became unorganised and few a several minutes tv2 was able to repel all attacks that we mounted. Than all of XII`s team got together for a push and it paid off by taking the first flag while several guys managed to slip by and try a simultanious attack on the Roadblock but that failed. After some close quarters fightings XII succeded in capturing Road block and tv2 was left with comm center. XII decided to wait and let the "bleed" to his part but tickets seemed to stay in place. Round was ended with time runing out and tv2 had about 20 points advantage.
In second round XII was defending and layed their defensive line much closer to the flag wich tv2 offcourse used to take 1st flag much quicker. After that tv2 managed to slip by unseen and take comm center. XII was left with a road block but managed to take back comm center after some fightings. Rest of round was just changing all flags all the time and ended in a minor XII win, so tv2 still had couple of points in reserve.
Second map was Berlin and tv2 was defending (EU). XII managed to take first flag with out too much trouble and went full on to try and zero the opponent. Second and third flag felt after some very hard fightings and tv2 was left with just one guy who sliped to the flag closest to PAC base ( sry but can never remember flag`s names . He made a huge mistake by running to the flag and tryed to take it but was easily gunned down by a guy from XII who was left to secure the flag. So tv2 got zero in that round. Fourth round started with tv2 attacking from the north side and sending few guys to try and slip by but XII had other plans and pushed all those attacks back. Than tv2 managed with a all-out middle push to capture first flag. XII was left with 2 flags and since than wagged a defensive war. Tv2 attacked both flags simultaniously and after several minutes actualy managed to take both of team but too late since one squad from XII managed to slip by and take the first flag. After that middle flag quickly felt in XII`s hand and at that point tv2 lost the game cause even they would zero XII they `d still lose on points cause XII made a massive win in first round. That`s it. GG



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